Those who served

The following pages are the results  of researches of the individual families, some still within the village and others further afield, combined with the interest, research and enthusiam of "newcomers" Steve Bushby, Steve Tipler and Peter Trent.


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Percy Henry Neale
The history of a Church lad
Open 'Percy Henry Neale'

Stanley Curson
The memories of Stanley's centenarian niece and the fruits of further research
Open 'Stanley Curson'

Richard Reginald Platten
The sad tale of a man who never lived to see his daughter conceived during his last home leave
Open 'Richard Reginald Platten'

Robert William Barker
The first man from Ryburgh to be killed who was married with children
Open 'Robert William Barker'

Cecil Stephen Kail
The brief history of a Hampstead Chauffeur and his connection to Great Ryburgh
Open 'Cecil Stephen Kail '

Herbert Walton Fox
The researches of Steve Bushby, Steve Tipler and Peter Trent put this man's story into the context of his Ryburgh family
Open 'Herbert Walton Fox'

Walter Francis Fenn
The Fenn names on the Roll of Honour by Steve Tipler and Peter Trent
Open 'Walter Francis Fenn'

George Harry Bond
The only Ryburgh Man in the Navy to have lost his life
Open 'George Harry Bond'

Ernest William Thompson
Died May 24th. 1915
Open 'Ernest William Thompson'

John William "Charles" Cremer.
Died November 1st. 1914
Open 'John William "Charles" Cremer.'

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