WW1 silk embroidered cards




A unique war-time industry, silk embroidered postcards were created by French and Belgian women to sell as souvenirs to soldiers posted on the Western Front. 

Embroidered card


The motifs ranged from battlefield scenes to flowers and birds.

Floral motif


During Open Churches Week 2014 Ruth demonstrated how a silk embroidered card could be created for today.

Ruth embroidering a silk card


This was the finished result!

Finished card

On 11th October 2014 a workshop took place during the afternoon of the October Fair

Embroidery workshop

If you would like to learn how to embroider a card like Ruth's or have other suggestions about how to recreate a WW1 silk card, please contact us. The next  workshop  will take place at St. Andrew's on the 3rd Friday of the month.

Sewing table



Bird card

Poppies card

Edith Cavell card

Think and Thank card


WORKSHOP AND OPEN FOR TEA ON  20th November 2015



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