Not on the Roll of Honour

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William James Holman
Former Ryburgh school teacher who died in Africa in 1919

George Frederick Edgar "Geoff" Smith
The sad story of a man who lost the fight with his own health whilst on active service

Charles Henry Hall
Was he a Foxley, Gateley, Ryburgh or Walsingham man?

Charles Smith McDonald
A Scottish railway worker with a Ryburgh bride

Henry Charles Moy M.M.
A Ryburgh born lad who joined up in 1914 was awarded the M.M. in 1916 but didn't survive the last 3 months of the War

Albert Fox Codling
A Stibbard man who at the last made his home in Ryburgh

Bertie John Doy
The son of the last Licensee of the Marine Tavern.

William John Framingham
A soldier whose birth and early years were s in Great Ryburgh where his father was a blacksmith

William John Hall
The story of a Langor Bridge man

Joseph Thomas Baker
An Oxfordshire man who married a Little Ryburgh woman, Edith Nobes.

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