The men who fell and their anniversaries

John William "Charles" Cremer November 1st 1914
Ernest Thompson May 24th 1915
Guy Wade Burtenshaw June 18th 1915
Harold Douglas Palmer Comer August 13th 1915
Frank Noel Tuff November 5th 1915
Edgar Phillip Huckins December 24th 1915
George Harry Bond June 5th 1916
Arthur William Allison July 19th 1916
William Ainger Howman July 20th 1916
Frederick Green July 27th 1916
Albert Green August 1st 1916
Frederick William Baldwin September 9th 1916
Joseph Chad Howman October 8th 1916
Bertie John Doy October 28th 1916
Everard Bernard Hubert Hipkin November 2nd 1916
Herbert Albert Chastney March 2nd 1917
Robert William Barker March 4th 1917
Joseph Thomas Baker March 17th 1917
Walter Francis Fenn March 30th 1917
Herbert Walton Fox April 9th 1917
Stanley Edward Curson April 19th 1917
Percy Henry Neale April 23rd 1917
Thomas Henry Allison April 23rd 1917
William John Hall April 23rd 1917
William John Framingham May 3rd 1917
Frederick John Bone May 10th 1917
Charles Thomas Steward September 28th 1917
John Betts October 12th 1917
JohnWilliam Doy October 22nd 1917
Edmund Walter Betts November 23rd 1917
Albert Fox Codling March 22nd 1918
John Frederick Bacon April 18th 1918
Charles MacDonald April 20th 1918
Charles Henry Hall April 22nd 1918
George Frederick Edgar “Geoff” Smith August 15th 1918
Henry Charles Moy August 26th 1918
Harry Victor Chilvers August 27th 1918
Nicholas Brightmer Gould August 27th 1918
Charles Veasey Cooper September 27th 1918
Ernest Arthur Nelson September 21st 1918
Richard Reginald Platten October 8th 1918
Cecil Stephen Kail November 1st 1918
William James Holman January 4th 1919
William David Howard December 3rd 1923

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