Those who served and their descendants.

The following pages are the results  of researches of the individual families, some still within the village and others further afield, combined with the interest, research and enthusiam of "newcomers" Steve Bushby, Steve Tipler and Peter Trent.


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Harry Victor Chilvers
A Ryburgh Railway Clerk
Open Harry Victor Chilvers

Frederick William Baldwin
One of the 135 "other ranks" that died that day
Open Frederick William Baldwin

Harold Douglas Palmer Comer
Steve Bushby has collected a detailed family history
Open Harold Douglas Palmer Comer

Everard Barnard Hubart Hipkin
A Testerton soldier born in Mileham
Open Everard Barnard Hubart Hipkin

Joseph Chad Howman
The brief life of Ryburgh Scots Guards Veteran, Joseph Howman's youngest son.

Frederick Green
The younger of the two Green brothers who died on the Somme within a week of each other

Albert Green
Frederick Green's older brother who was killed less than a week later on the same battlefield on the Somme
Open Albert Green

Herbert Albert Chastney
A soldier from a prominent Methodist family
Open Herbert Albert Chastney

Frederick John Bone
A soldier remembered by his daughter and her mother?

Charles Thomas Steward
The only Ryburgh man to die in the Mesopotamia Campaign

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