The remaining glass


The glass in the tower and the porch dates from the 1890's when significant work to these parts of the building was carried out, funded by the Smith family.  It is their family monogram set in stone that forms the apex of the porch roof. The two tower windows consist of plain and coloured opaque quarries and the "Fide et Marte" crest in the porch window may just be pretention?








The remaining nine glass armorials are to be found in the North window of the North transept and are the oldest of all the glass to be found in St Andrew's. In F.H.Tathams  short history he numbers and describes them all in Heraldic terms which are reproduced below with their respective images from the Window :


1.        Per pale argent and gules -Waldegrave impaling argent

on a chief vert two mullets or - Drury


Representing the Waldegrave and Drury 



2. Quarterly 1 and 4, Bacon (the mullets pierced),

2 and 3 or, two bars azure; over all a bend gules - Quaplode

Representing Bacon and Quaplode



3. Waldegrave - impaling per fesse, neulee argent and sable three greyhounds' heads

erased counterchanged, collared, studded - Mildmay of Essex


Representing Waldegrave and Mildmay of Essex




4. Azure, a cinquefoil pierced Ermine; a bordure engrailed or,

Astley - impaling- Waldegrave


Representing Astley and Waldegrave


5. Azure on a chevron between three estoiles or, as many

lozenges gules; a canton ermine - Butts impaling chartered

i. Azure, a chevron ermine, voided or between three eagles displayed argent

ii. Sable, a chevron argent between three crescents.

iii. Argent, on a chief or, a fleur-de-lis gules.

iv. Argent, a chief per pale indented or and gules - in base a crescent of the second

Representing Buttes


6. Sable, a fesse counter-compony or and azure, between three nags heads

erased argent -  Heigham -  impaling Waldegrave

Representing Heigham and Waldegrave



7. Argent, a chevron between three estoiles sable - 

Mordaunt of Massingham


8.The arms of Butts (see above)

The Arms of  Butts.


9. The arms of Heigham (see above)with label of three;

impaling Sable a chevron engrailed between three fleurs-de lys

The Arms of Heigham






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