Church History

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Thomas Buttes and his troublesome rector
Some of the story of a suit in Chancery between Thomas Buttes and his appointed Parson Clarck of Great Ryburgh, Thomas Waterman

Thomas Buttes of Riburgh
A look at the historical snapshots of Great Ryburgh's Lord of the Manor

The remaining glass and other heraldry in St Andrews
Besides the many William Wailes windows, we have a few other bits of Victorian glass and some interesting survivors of a bygone era.

William Wailes Glass
We believe that we have the largest collection of William Wailes' glass in the County. It has in the past been described " by common consent to be of the very worst of the Victorian period" How opinions change in 50 years!
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John Christian A.M.
Who was the occupant of the ledger stone in the chancel at St Andrew's?
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Snapshots of the past at Ryburgh Church
A collection of family photograph's recording life at St Andrew's in times past
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The Chancel Arch Inscription
Changing fashions in St Andrew’s
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The Ryburgh Angels
Details of the 1912 embroidery
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Great Ryburgh
History by F.H.Tatham 1947
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More Ryburgh Scandal
More village squabbles involving Revd. Morris Fuller
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