The Think and Thank Project (HLF)

The title of St. Andrew's WW1 Heritage Lottery Fund project comes from the words inscribed on the south side of the decorative wooden memorial screen in St. Thomas's Chapel.


Between June 2014 and June 2016 the St. Andrew's Partnership  will do the following with the help of the grant:

  • clean and conserve the screen. This is a specialist job!
  • research the soldiers whose names are inscribed on the screen and also their families.
  • gather memories and memorabilia from local residents to find out more about wartime life at home.
  • gather the information and make it available to the public through the website and displays.
  • collect detailed information in  folders.
  • create an I-spy type game for children to help them look at the screen with greater interest.
  • investigate WW1 food and serve it in St. Andrew's Pantry during Open Churches Week.
  • recreate some of the WW1 silk embroidered cards that are on display in the church.
  • research WW1 song and put on a performance in August with a WW1 style meal.
  • mark the anniversary of each soldier who died by ringing the bells half muffled.


Please let us know if you would like to take part or contribute to any of these activities. We need you!

Think and Thank project 2014-2016

Commemorative activities and events

The F & G Smith Roll of Honour

Just when you think you have found all the Memorials in Great Ryburgh another one turns up!

News about our boys from the Dereham and Fakenham Times

The most informative page in the paper on Great Ryburgh for the entire war.

The Commemorative Peals

Details of the peals and ringers involved in the Centenary commemorative ringing

Not on the Roll of Honour

A list of soldiers with Ryburgh Connections some known to be commemorated elswhere others possibly not anywhere

The names on the Village Obelisk

A slightly different selection of the names of the fallen

The names on the Think & Thank Screen

The 8 panels on the nave side of the screen before restoration.

The names on the Roll of Honour in St Andrews

The list of names of those from Great and Little Ryburgh and Testerton that hangs in the church.

The men who fell and their anniversaries

The bells will be rung to mark these dates

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