Winter's Farm Gateley


This collection of photos has most kindly been shared by Kathy Worsencraft, Jack and Violet Watson's grandaughter.

They include images of the farm during WW2 when Margaret Hudson worked there as a Land Army Girl


Jack Watson


Violet Maude Watson

Winter's Farm in 1993

This image of Jack and Violet demonstrating a seed fiddle during WW2 was in the national newspapers

Winter's Farm and the Land Army.....a number of photos of Margaret and Joan? working the land in WW2.










More from Winter's Farm





Jack with Mr King


Jack Watson 2nd on the left unlikely to be at Gateley but too good an image to leave out!

Jack in his younger days with sister Dorothy:

and on a treasured machine!

Jack Watson, Henning Boesen (of Westwood Farm) and Revd. Geoffrey Ford in 1959




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