Ryburgh Yesterday from your photo albums Volume 2


Ryburgh as we no longer know it!

Vol 2


These two press photos were taken by B.H.Smith on January 19th 1966 and published in the E.D.P.  The photos were taken from 90 feet up on the top of a silo at the Maltings:




Cathy Giles has photos from the 1970's and the 1990's.

Below we see Cathy in 1974 with then boyfriend, now Sir Simon Rattle, world famous conductor who has just retired from being in charge of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra They are standing outside what was Henry Hudson's house and the old Post Office (demolished in 1980/1) as it was before relocating to the Top Shop:



In 1973 we find Pink's Cottage in Little Ryburgh which became very much more dilapidated than this before it was restored to a habitable dwelling just a few years ago:



These three views are from 1997 and the changes are more subtle but still there if you look closely:



May 1997:


More to come

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