Cambridge Delight Minor

Cambridge Delight Minor

Here's the first in we hope a long line of Methods of the Moment. Please try right clicking and save the image to your computer for your very own copy. This one is thanks to Michael who is desirous of turning his unexpected study session  into a perfect plain course:


*************Stop Press*************


Michael's Method requires Bobs.

Think of this one like other 6th place methods such as Kent or Norwich.

  • The Unaffected Bells.The bells going onto, or coming off the front are unaffected............... i.e at the end of 3rd and 5th place bell. 
  • Making the Bob. The ringer at the end of 6th place bell has just made 3rds and is going out to 5th place  Instead  they make 4ths to become 4th place bell and then makes 3rds and out to TB on the back.
  • That means a lead end dodge for the bells in 5/6.  i.e. the ringer at the end of 2nd place bell lies and dodges 5/6 down to become 6th place bell and the ringer at the end of 4th place bell dodges 5/6/up  to become 5th place bell.

​As with all these things know your place bells and especially the starts. 

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