Ryburgh Yesterday from your photo albums


Ryburgh as we no longer know it! 



David Howe's photo from the 1950's  showing the Top Shop and the railway in Station Road with the Farmers' Foundry on the right and the former Marine Tavern on the left.


David Howe's photo from the 1960's taken outside Ryburgh House Farm, showing the former Primitive Methodist Chapel on the right .


David Howe's photo from the 1960's of Fakenham Road looking at Highfield Lane corner. Fanny Toll,'s farmhouse is on the right in the foreground see No 12 below


David Howe's photo from the 1970's of Fakenham Road looking at Willow Farm on the right.



The photo/postcard below has just come to light and is of an unknown gathering. Information from the text on the reverse of the card tells us that it is taking place at Mill House and probably fairly close to the date of posting 26th August 1913. It was sent to Miss Esther Harker in Downham Market and sent from Elsie in Stibbard. Any light that can be shed on the occasion/ participants etc. will be very gratefully received!





This view of the church in Bridge Road was kindly provided by the grand-daughter of Edgar Lovett who was Foundry Manager between the Wars and lived at the Vines. Our thanks to her for this and the following images.




The following pictures are of the Vines whilst the Lovett family lived there. They moved to Foulsham when Edgar retired.



This view looks across the road out of the gate. The building to the left is the Gable of the Railway Inn and the others where the telephone exchange buildings are located are the cottages that were on the Marine House site. The girl is one of Edgar's two daughters 



This is the wedding party of Edgar's daughter Peggy in 1939. The foundry buildings are visible over the garden wall:




Thanks to Stanley Judd for this photo of the day the mill chimney was demolished on Friday September 25th following the mill closure in 1923:





Shirley and Keith Howell kindly searched their Ryburgh file and  were able to come up with, amongst various postcards and other things, a photo of the school taken by Shirley's father in the first quarter of the C20th. 


and the original postcard photo of Fanny Toll taken outside the farmhouse .





Pauline Smith (nee Comer) has lent a number of photos for us to appreciate on these pages and the following images are from her family albums:

The family home next to the Crown where the Comer and the Pratt families were neighbours:


The Maltings after the devastating fire during the WW2.



The Tennis Club.

This was situated behind the Crown and adjacent to the current playing field.

It was derelict by WW2.( Info. from Stan Judd)



35 Station Road with Mrs Abbs outside in the garden.

The Baldwin and Nelson families lived either side

Many thanks to Henry Temple for rescuing this press clipping.


David and Cynthia Wickam (nee Nelson) have recently made contact and are in process of sending photos from their album. Cynthia is the daughter of Alfred and Elsie Nelson (Alfred, who I believe rejoiced in the the nickname of Gadfly), and her parents are present on WI photos and Ryburgh Swift Footbal team photos on this site. On the photo below are Elsie( 1st left back row)  and her mother, Mary Louise Gooch(Back row 6th from the left) Mary Gooch was Napoleon Curson's mother-in-law, and Elsie's brother-in-law) are below.



They have also sent this photo taken at the opening of the Village Hall in 1953. There will shortly be a list of names to go with this picture:


Then they sent this wonderful picture, taken in the Rectory Barn in the early 50's with what must have been the Youth Club. Rector Geoffrey Ford (with the spectacles) is almost submerged in the middle. David & Cynthia captioned this photo as below:



June Clarke has kindly supplied most of the names on the photo above see below for key and names:


1.Hazell Grimmer  2.Beryl Nelson  3. ?  4.Teddy Fellows  5. Maurice Abbs  6. Peter Holiday           7. Owen Mann  8. Ralph Geary  9. David Howe  10. Eric Pilch  11. Freddie Hazell                         12 Richard Clarke  13. Peter Salisbury  14. Brian Leeder  15. ? 16. Malcolm Nelson                      17. Eddie Cropley  18. Betty Slegg  19. Barbara Parker   20. Pauline Vertigan  21.Doreen Cropley  22. Pam Nelson  23. Shirley Gibbs  24. Revd. Geoffrey Ford  25. Cissie Goddard  26. Mary Gibson  27. ?  28.  ?  29. Michael Vertigan


The next photo is one from the school and has a couple of younger versions of those pictured above. Thought to be a May Day celebration circa 1939/40 (see anti-blast measures in the school windows). (I can find no reference to such an event in the school log book for the period.)  



Thank you David and Cynthia and keep them coming please..........and anyone else who can add to this page.



Sam Howe with his Grand-daughter Sylvia (Sadler) 1923

Hugh Lanham came across a photo album that contained photos of Great Ryburgh taken in 1923/1924 by a friend or relation of the Howe family. Consequently there are a number of images taken around the Railway Tavern where Samuel Howe was publican. Many thanks to Hugh for donating these images to the village collection: 



Group seated at the rear of the Railway Tavern

Can you name any of those sitting around the table ?



The school in 1924


 The Railway Tavern in 1923.




 Jack Boulter (1853-1933) at the back door of the Railway Tavern pre-War

He worked most of his life as a miller for F & G Smith


Walter Smith, village butcher, 50 metres from his shop on Doctor's Hill .....pre-War

Born 26th October 1871 - died 21st January 1937


The Think & Thank Screen in 1923.


The Mill and River Wensum in 1923.


Ethel May B. and Sylvia, mother and daughter in 1923.



Maud Howe (Sam's eldest daughter) at Wells 

Phyllis Maude Howe Sadler married Thomas William Woodrow, Fish Merchant of Wells at St Andrew's  on 1st August 1912 


Maud Howe when single


Ethel May, Sam Howe and Sylvia (on right)


Village Bakery photos kindly supplied by June Clarke, Mary Carden and Keith Venables

This image of village baker Horace Dodman. On the reverse it reads "To Olde Doughboy, The Bakery Gt.Ryburgh Xmas 1928":



Showing the same gable end, we have (William) Billy Betts who lived next door....




and, at the other gable end we have Norah and Bernard Fox sitting on the wall which just about remains today!


Stanley Judd's father, John Bailey "Jack" Judd was a member of the Stibbard Silver Band etablished in 1921. Stanley kindly suppled these images of the band one pre 1939-45-war and the other after. The names were kindly provided by Brian Abram via John Dugdale and the Stibbard village archive:



Back Row (LtoR):  Leonard ABRAM, Ellen ABRAM, Philip HEYHOE, Dick PACKFIELD, Joe ATTERWELL, Fred JUDE, Charlie BEAN,  BUTTERS?, Leslie BETTS, Jim HEYHOE.

Front Row: Ted SCOTT, Jack JUDD, Charlie SEAMAN, John ABRAM, John BETTS, David ABRAM, Alfred ABRAM.




The 1960's don't seem so far away to many of us but the changes along Bridge Road in the last 50 years are undeniably significant. Elizabeth Giles bought No 3 Bridge Cottages from Mrs Palmer in 1964. Her daughter, Cathy who has known and loved the house since first coming to the village during the holidays as a child has kindly supplied the following images which come from the Giles family album. Fortunately many of them were dated and annotated with these from 1964 & 1965:




August 1964



No date






Easter 1965

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