Snapshots of the past at Ryburgh Church

Ryburgh Church Life in photographs.

The following two photographs were kindly supplied by Mrs Pauline Smith and depict the various altar boys with Mervyn White and the Revd. Hugh Tatham and must date from the late 1930's. Can you identify any of the boys?  If so, please get in touch.





Again from the 1930's is a confirmation class, taken at the back of the Rectory Barn. Pauline's  Aunt Lorna is on the back row  3rd from the left.

It is possible to be a little more accurate as to date from this report in the Lynn Advertiser on March 27 1936:

"The Bishop of Norwich administered the rite of confirmation on Friday (probably 20th. March) at Ryburgh parish church to eleven candidates from Great and Little Ryburgh. There was a large congregation"






The photographs that are most often associated with the church are taken at weddings and we have a number of these in the archive:



December 4th 1939 Richard Barnabas Howe and Freda Lincoln




1939 again and the wedding of Foundry Manager, Edgar Lovett's daughter. 

Winifred Mary (Peggy) Lovett to Mr Richard Waller on 29th May 1939.



In the churchyard on the South side




Some still remember this banner in use at weddings.

This photo was taken in the garden at The Vines



There are also a couple of other pre-war photos from 

the Lovett family.


This was taken before the nave floor was lowered. The stone coffin must have been in its place

after the chancel floor was lowered but was it there before then?



Many thanks to Anne Cormie for these Lovett family photos.






This wedding photo showing the guests outside what is now called "The Moorings"

suggests a Little Ryburgh wedding.

The most likely marriage from the 30's took place on September 14 1935.

The happy couple were

Alfred Buck and Ivy Bacon both of Little Ryburgh and both aged 22.

If anyone can confirm these identities we would be most grateful











































































































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