Not on the Roll of Honour

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Ryburgh and The Royal Bucks Hussars
Amongst others,the story of Farrier Sergeant Owen Whitlock
Open Ryburgh and The Royal Bucks Hussars

Herbert Jeremiah Chapman Jubilee Pallant
One of Ryburgh's early heroes as found in the press

Charles Veasey Cooper
The eldest son of one of Ryburgh's most influential villagers of the late 19th. Century

2nd Lieut. Frank Noel Tuff
The accidental death of one of Ryburgh's adopted sons
Open 2nd Lieut. Frank Noel Tuff

Guy Wade Burtenshaw
Our first casualty with family connections to Ryburgh

The Smiths of Ryburgh
The Great War and the 2nd and 3rd generations of the Smith family.

Edgar Phillip Huckins
A Ryburgh man born in Combe in Oxfordshire, living in Colkirk and married to Ryburgh girl Susannah Nelson.
Open Edgar Phillip Huckins

Arthur William Allison
The son of a family with strong Ryburgh connections
Open Arthur William Allison

William Ainger Howman
Great Ryburgh was the home of the Howman's throughout the 19th Century
Open William Ainger Howman

Thomas Henry Allison
The second member of the Allison family to die in the conflict
Open Thomas Henry Allison

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