The "Mary" postcards


Who Mary was is not entirely clear from the content of these cards.

Amongst the collection is a card from Mary to Ted's sister Violet sent in February

1915.We can reasonable safely deduce that the two girls were friends and that

Mary was from Fakenham. 


There are also two cards addressed to Miss Mary Louise Beck of Fakenham.

A littleresearch shows that she was the daughter of George and Harriett Beck

and born in 1891. George was described in the Census as a flour mill manager

and lived on Bridge Street in Fakenham. Mary had an older brother,

Victor Reginald (see postcard June 24th). In 1911 George had died and the

family lived at No 3  Stanley Terrace off Queens Rd. Mary was working, described

as "Rinking Hall Waitress".  


Mary and Ted were clearly known to each other in 1914 as seen in her card to

Violet and this greetings card to Ted for his birthday in March that year:


Birthday postcard





The series of these cards that suggest a romantic involvement  and date from

the period between the end of May and the end of August 1915. Or could it just

be Violet's friend doing her bit for the War effort by writing to her soldier brother

at the front?

May 29 1915


May 29 1915


June 24th 1915


June 24 1915 pc


July 22 1915


July 22 1915 pc


August 5 1915



August 12 1915



August 20 1915



August 28 1915



August 30 1915



This one has no date:




As far as we have been able to research, there is no record of Ted marrying and

Mary Beck never married. She died in Fakenham in February 1981. 


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