The names on the Roll of Honour in St Andrews

The Roll of Honour

The Roll of Honour lists 132 names ..........those who served as well as those who died whilst serving. There are multiple enlistings of the same surname, brothers and cousins, and at least one father and son pair though not in the same Regiment. Ostensibly 64 names originallly joined the Norfolk Regiment or Yeomanry and just 3 in the Royal Navy and  2  in the Royal Flying Corps, however army life soon dispersed many of these soldiers to different postings with other regiments, all of which complicates the process of trying to locate any records. Having begun this research it was soon apparent this was not a definitive list.


Ernest Abbs Coldstream Guards
Percy Ainger Royal Garrison Artillery
Ernest Adcock Norfolk Regiment
Jack Bacon* Norfolk Regiment
Sidney Bacon Norfolk Regiment
Frederick Baldwin* Norfolk Yeomanry
Sidney Baldwin North Stafford Regiment
Harry Barker Royal Fusiliers
John Barker Royal Fusiliers
Robert William Barker* Northhamptonshire Regiment
Robert Barker jun Royal Fusiliers

Herbert Barnes
Norfolk Regiment
Herbert Baxter Royal Navy: H.M.S.Dominion
Albert Beales Norfolk Regiment
Ernest Betts Norfolk Regiment
Fred Betts Royal Engineers
John Betts* Norfolk Yeomanry
Edward Bone Norfolk Regiment
Frederick John Bone* Queen's Regiment
Thomas Bone East Anglian Field Ambulance
A G Osborne Bradley City of London Rifles
Ernest Canham Norfolk Regiment
Herbert Canham Norfolk Regiment
Alfred Chastney Norfolk Regiment
Charles Chastney Norfolk Regiment
Herbert Chastney* Norfolk Regiment
Harry Chilvers* Welsh Regiment
Abel Coates Norfolk Yeomanry
Archie Comer Essex regiment
Harold D Comer* Norfolk Regiment
Henry Crisp Norfolk Regiment
Frederick Curson Army Ordnance Corps
General Curson 2nd Dragoon Guards
Napoleon Curson Royal Garrison Artillery
Stanley Curson* Norfolk Regiment
Harry Daines Manchester Regiment
John Dawson Norfolk Regiment
William Doy* Norfolk Regiment
Arthur Eggleton Coldstream Guards
George Fenn 16th Lancers
Walter Fenn* Norfolk Yeomanry
Alfred Firminger Royal Marines R.N.R.
Cecil Foster Royal Navy Artificer
Cecil Fox Wiltshire Regiment
William Frost Norfolk Regiment
Henry Gould Norfolk Regiment
Nicholas Gould* Norfolk Regiment
Albert Green* Norfolk Regiment
Frederick Green* Norfolk Regiment
William Grimson RAMC
Jeremiah Harris Norfolk Regiment
Albert V Hipkins Norfolk Regiment
Everard B Hipkins* Norfolk Regiment
George Hipkins Queen's Regiment
James R Hipkins Norfolk Regiment
George Howe Norfolk Regiment
Joseph Chad Howman* Surrey Rifles
Raymond Hunt Bedford Regiment
Robert J Jarvis 19th Hussars
Mark Jude Army Ordnance Corps
Cecil Kail * MTASC
Charles King Royal Fusiliers
Reginald  King MTASC
Dennis Leach Norfolk Regiment
Arthur Lincoln Norfolk Yeomanry
Charles Lincoln Warwick Yeomanry
Edward Lincoln Norfolk Yeomanry
Herbert Lincoln Royal Fusiliers
George Lister Royal Navy: H.M.S. Warspite
Reginald Martin Norfolk Yeomanry
George Neale Norfolk Regiment
Percy Neale* Norfolk Regiment
Bertie Nelson Dorset regiment
Charles Nelson Royal Fusiliers
Ernest Nelson* Norfolk Regiment
George Nelson Norfolk Yeomanry
Herbert Nelson R F Artillery
John Nelson Norfolk Regiment
William Nelson Royal Fusiliers
Charles Nobes Norfolk Regiment
George Nobes R G Artillery
Herbert Nobes [blank]
James Nobes Norfolk Regiment
Samuel Nobes Norfolk Regiment
William Nobes Rifle Brigade
Herbert G Platten Norfolk Regiment
Percy John Platten Lincolnshire Regiment
P Percy C Platten Essex regiment
Richard Reginald Platten* Norfolk Yeomanry
Gerald Pratt Norfolk Regiment
Frank Reddington East Kent Regiment
Richard Reddington Norfolk Regiment
Frederick Rush Norfolk Regiment
Reginald Rush Lancs Fusiliers
Harold Rushby Suffolk Regiment
Alec J Savory Norfolk Yeomanry .
Guy Savory I.O.C.O.T.C.
Alfred Slegg Kings Royal Rifles
Clarence Slegg Norfolk Regiment
William Slegg DSC Royal Navy
Herbert F.E.Smith DSO Kings Royal Rifles
Arthur Stark Artist's Rifles
Laurence Stark Norfolk Regiment
Charles Steward* Norfolk Regiment
Robert Steward R G Artillery
Sidney Steward Queen's Regiment
Albert Tash Bedford Regiment
Frederick H T Tatham Norfolk Yeomanry
G Laurence Tatham Hon Artillery Coy.
Albert Thompson Norfolk Regiment
ErnestThompson* Norfolk Regiment
Herbert Thompson R G Artillery
Victor Thompson Railway O Coy
Walter Thompson Manchester Regiment
Albert Thurlow Royal Sussex Regiment
Walter Thurlow Norfolk Regiment
William Thurlow Norfolk Regiment
Charles Thurston Norfolk Regiment
Walter Utting Norfolk Regiment
Herbert Walpole Yorkshire Regiment
William Walpole Norfolk Regiment
Herbert Waters Royal Engineers
Tom Waters Royal Fusiliers
Harry Whiteside Norfolk Regiment
Charles Wilkin Norfolk Regiment
Frank Wilkin Norfolk Regiment
John Wilkin Royal Engineers
Thomas Wilkin MM Norfolk Regiment
William Wilkin Norfolk Regiment
Bertie Youngman MTASC
Fred Youngman Red Cross MT
Walter Youngman RFC
* died in conflict  
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