What the papers say in 1914

Notes on the War and other village matters from the

Ryburgh Parish Magazine


The Dereham and Fakenham Times in 1914:

January 3rd  1914. Dereham & Fakenham Times















February 1914   Ryburgh Parish Magazine






















Inserted into the February 1914 issue of the  R.P.M.









































March1914 R.P.M. explains the above programme





































May 1914 R.P.M.



and more entertainment:























































All in aid of the new Gas Lighting


































May 2nd 1914. D.F.T.



May 9th 1914. D.F.T.



May 23rd 1914. D.F.T.



May 30th 1914 D.F.T.



June 1914 R.P.M.





June 20th 1914 D.F.T.



July 4th 1914 D.F.T.



July 25th 1814 D.F.T.



August 1st 1914 D.F.T.



August 1914 R.P.M.



September 1914 R.P.M.






















































September 5th  D.F.T.












September 12th  D.F.T.













September 19th  D.F.T.




















October 1914 R.P.M.









November 1914 R.P.M.















































November 28th  D.F.T.

Everyone in Ryburgh must have known of the following incident reported of a poor young man who was given the benefit of the doubt by the jury.



December 5th  D.F.T.


















































































Mrs Agnes Palin, the" trained nurse in charge" of the Fakenham Red Cross Hospital and  wife of Ryburgh's Doctor Edward Watson Palin. 




























Goggs Hall as seen in a Carrie Bone Postcard

image kindly supplied by Fakenham Community Archive














December 1914 R.P.M.

































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