Farms and farming

John William Filby of Westwood

The family behind two grave plots in St Andrew's churchyard

Blue Tile Farm

Some images from Little Ryburgh during the occupancy of Owen Whitlock

Winter's Farm Gateley

A collection of photos from Winter's Farm. Jack Watson was St Andrew's churchwarden during the time of the Revd. Geoffrey Ford and farmed the land at Gateley with his wife Violet and three children. With many thanks to Kathy Worsencraft Jack and Violet's grandaughter for these terrific images.

Great Ryburgh and Agricultural Contracting in the last quarter of the 19th C.

Percy Everitt at work on Rectory Farm Little Chesterford Essex

Highfield Farm

Photos from David Howe's collection depicting farm workers at Highfield in the 1960's

May Green Farm Little Ryburgh

With thanks to Jayne Horton for sharing these photos of her Neale and Hastings forbears.

Bridge Farm

Photo's from the Joice's and Palmer's occupancy of this currently derelict farm.

Testerton and Westwood

A collection of photos kindly shared by Patrick Joice and family

Trouble down at the Station in 1876

A dispute about the collection of a shipment of coal at Ryburgh Station on February 5th. 1876

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